Wendy Leber

Instructor | WMRRA #10 | WERA-West #71

I’ve been a two-wheeled addict all of my life. In the early 1990s, I participated in USCF bicycle roadracing and velodrome racing. My passion for motorcycles, however, started in 1999 with the purchase of my first bike — a 1996 Kawasaki EX250. After joining WMRRA the following year, I entered my first novice race in April of 2000 and never looked back. Since then, I’ve raced 600cc bikes on and off in the Pacific Northwest, taking a three year break for a career change.

Many riders and racers have heard the phrase, “you have to go slow to go fast.” This phrase has significant relevance to my racing history. I started out as one of THE SLOWEST racers on the track, getting routinely stuffed and lapped by my competitors, and finishing in last place. The greatest challenge throughout my racing experience was overcoming the toughest rival I had ever faced — my own head! Once I figured out how to conquer it, my results and lap times significantly improved.

I’ve attended many performance riding schools, and I instructed for Adrenaline Freaks Trackdays for five years. What I’ve learned from all of this is that performance schools essentially provide you with “tools for your tool chest.” The concepts and techniques they teach are very similar, yet how they are presented may vary. As human beings, we all have different learning styles. Thus, you utilize the techniques that make sense and work for YOU. Finally, quality track time is needed for you to practice using the tools you have been given!

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join the incredibly knowledgeable 2-Fast Trackday staff! As an instructor, I want to know what your goals are for riding and/or racing, as well as how you feel you learn best. My greatest satisfaction comes from watching other riders and racers discover that “ah ha!” moment on the track, when they finally master a technique they have been struggling with, or they have overcome a fear that has kept them from reaching their goals.

Feel free to find me in the pits or on the track — I look forward to answering and addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding motorcycle performance riding or racing. Our goal is to not only ensure that you have an incredible time on the track, but that you also gain new insight on becoming a smoother, faster, and safer rider or racer.

See ya at the track!