Troy Cook


Born, raised and still live in Olympia. My first ride on a motorcycle was on a Harley Electra Glide with my dad at the helm. Dad put a helmet on my little bean large enough for me and my puppy which could have substituted for an umbrella should it rain. Sat me on that huge white saddle seat between his legs and off we went. That short ride was exciting until we pulled back into the yard and the ole man tipped us both over on wet grass. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs until I figured out I was unscathed and the scream turned into a giggling laugh. My first crash coming at the young age of 3 years.

My dad gave me a Honda Odyssey dune buggy with a roll gage at age 7. Dad built me a track behind the house where I had countless hours of fun. That thing had more straps in the cockpit than an F-15 and I needed them all as I must have rolled that puppy over a hundred times. This was my entry level to power slides where I learned the importance of throttle control.

At age 12 I received my first dirt bike. I quickly found I was not immune from crashes on two wheels either. But I rode that thing until I out grew it. My next bike was a Harley Springer. Fun bike but a beast.

I learned about sport bikes when a friend allowed me to ride his gixxer. I was hooked. From that point forward the Harley spent most of it’s time in the garage collecting dust. That same friend invited me to attend a track day with him in Portland. Although I rode like an ole lady on that first day, I had dreams about the track for the next week. I soon became a regular track junky and decided to try my luck at racing in 2004 on a Honda 600 F4i. Received my race license (WMRRA #311) that season and raced every season since.

I thoroughly enjoy helping others learn and improve their riding skills. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction when I see that look of excitement in the face of a rider who just put his knee down for the very first time. Trust me “You only get your knee down for the first time ONCE” and that level of excitement shows in the smile.

The track is a wonderful place to safely improve your skills as well as have tons of fun. Whether you prefer a school environment or a fun filled track day, there is no better provider than Mark DeGross and his 2-Fast team to help you accomplish your goals.

Attempt to do your best.

Learn to corner.

Learn to late brake.

Try to go a little deeper and a little faster than you did before!