Thomas Stevens

Track Control

Was fascinated with bikes growing up, but like a lot of kids, parents kept me from getting one until I was out of the house. Bought my first dirt bike in my early 20’s and I knew then that this two-wheel sport was in my blood. Started out riding in the woods which eventually progressed to riding motocross tracks. Managed to destroy my body with broken bones and spent most my summers on crutches with severly sprained ankles. I should have quit riding, but like I said, bikes are in my blood. In 2007, I bought a race bike and participated in my first 2-Fast track day. Rode a ton over the next couple years and joined the 2-Fast staff in 2009. The atmosphere at track days is very relaxed. It’s all about having fun and socializing with friends and others who think that bikes are cool. So if anybody can beat my record of six collar bone breaks, I’d like to here all about it. Good times!