Steven Cook


Most of my track friends know me as “SteveO”.  My son tagged me with that name and it seems to have grown roots. I am a transplant, born and raised in a cotton patch in Georgia. My mom had me in the morning and went back to picking cotton in the afternoon, or so her story goes.  I still have slivers under my finger nails from Uncle Sam dragging me off the front porch and tossing me into the military when I was barely old enough to shave. Welcome to the Viet Nam era. I spent a portion of my 4 year military obligation here in Washington. When I was discharged I returned to Olympia where I raised a family and remain today.

I began my love for two wheel fun as a youngster when my dad took a Western Flyer bicycle, mounted a gas engine and as far as I know that thing is still running somewhere.  The only time I’ve been without a motorbike was during a portion of my 4 year military obligation. I’ve been on two wheels for five decades and loved every minute.  Airplanes and sport bikes are my outlets to fill the adrenaline void.  My GSXR 1000 gives me a better rush than doing loops or spins in my T-210.

I have attended numerous race/track schools with my son Troy Cook (WMRRA #311).  I have had the privilege of spending time on a number of tracks all of which has their own unique challenges as well as pleasures. Miller Motorsport Park in Utah and Thunder Hill in California are two of my favorites. Spending time at the track has generated many new friends and I cherish each and every one.

I feel very privileged to be a member of the 2-Fast team. Mark puts on a great show and his infamous “Speed Dogs” at lunch is guaranteed to take five seconds off your afternoon laps!  I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of being a 2-Fast instructor and welcome interactions with customers. Don’t be shy! Stop in my pit and share the shade of my easy up for track chat. I’m friendly, outgoing and easy to approach.  With a can of gas and a screwdriver I can crank up a stump. So if you have bike issues feel free to stop in, we’ll open up the tool box and see what we can do to get you back on the track.

If a cornering situation requires more lean angle than you can safely provide, you become Road Bait. How good would it feel to comfortably use all the lean angle your bike has to offer. The track environment is the safest place to accomplish those goals. Come join us for a fun filled day!

I do my best to make sure every customer I contact has a memorable, safe and fun filled day. Whether you are new to motorcycles or an advanced rider, a 2-Fast instructional day will flatten your learning curve much faster than learning on your own.

There are two things I know for sure: Track time is more addictive than cocaine and the older I get the faster I use to be!