Steve Lively


SteveL2Just like all other 2-Fast Steves, Steve Lively eats, breathes and sleeps motorcycling. His first bike was a Honda CM400T, kickstart only, that he rode year-round while living in Colorado and working as an air traffic controller, a job that is undoubtedly the reason why his hair is so white. He had a Suzuki GS1000 for awhile and added a Harley FLHS (Electraglide Sport), fully embracing the lifestyle of a biker, long braid and all.
After he cut off his flowing locks, bought some safety gear and moved to Washington, he switched to a more conservative BMW R1100R and started selling Suzuki, KTM, Kawasaki and Aprilia at a Western Washington dealer.
SteveL1After getting settled in Seattle, Steve changed paths again to fully embrace his love of cycling and trained to become a motorcycle safety instructor. He is a big proponent of ATGATT, is active in motorcycle safety initiatives and is always looking for ways to advocate continuing education in motorcycling, both on and off track. A few years ago he purchased the dream bike that he’d been wanting since his days selling Aprilia (2009 Aprilia Tuono), and it nows serves the dual purpose of a daily commuter and track day bike.

SteveL3Steve lives in Seattle with his partner Ann, herself a track day enthusiast and 3rd generation motorcyclist. They met when he sold her her first street bike (a SFV650) and have been riding together since. Come by our pit and introduce yourself!