Shelly Adams

Track Marshal | WMRRA Racer

Shelly bought her first motorcycle in 2005 while living in Wyoming, and to the dismay of her neighbors, taught herself to ride the 2001 R6 in her tiny, single-lane neighborhood. Thanks to the 2-stroke ATVs she was used to riding, she knew how to shift and go fast in a straight line up and down the street. Over and over and over… Once she felt comfortable outside of the bounds of her neighborhood, she soon began to try out the twisties in the beautiful Big Horn Mountains. In 2009, she found herself living in Seattle, and was talked into attending a track day with a neighbor. Although Shelly crashed before completing her first lap, she was hooked and hasn’t ridden the streets since. She advanced to the next level and began racing in mid-summer 2010. Her friends and savings account have missed her ever since.

Off the track, Shelly is a biologist, and as a result is probably the only person that appreciates the moss on the track at Pacific. She also enjoys other expensive hobbies such as backpacking and photography. In May 2011, Shelly is excited to finally graduate with her Master of Science in Biology.