Jason Boyle

Track Marshal

Jason had an early fascination with motorcycles and started tearing up the grass and dodging trees in his backyard at the age of 8 on a Honda Trail 50 (2 spd, no clutch, fattie tires, etc.) and then a severely abused Elsinore CR80 a few years later. To help get around during college, he picked up his first street bike – a 91 Suzuki GS500e – and in blissful ignorance, didn’t bother to perform any maintenance change the oil, chain, sprockets, or even the leaking fork seals over the next year and 11k miles.

Firmly sold on the allure of sport bikes, he upgraded through – and learned to properly maintain – various bikes over the years (95 CBR F3, 97/98 SuperHawk, 00 RC51) for his daily commute to work. He caught the early stages of the track bug when he took the Reg Pridmore “CLASS” school in 2003 and caught it even harder while participating in the 2008 Seattle 100 by 2-Fast.

Jason lives in Bothell and is married to an extremely supportive and understanding wife and has 3 children who are always reminding him that “he doesn’t ride as fast like those guys on the tv do” when watching MotoGP/AMA races together.