Deron Amans

Track Marshal

Deron first rode a motorcycle when he was three years old and his 18 year old brother got stuck babysitting one night. As legend has it, Deron’s brother wanted to go drink beer by the river with his buddies so he propped the kid up on the fuel tank of his 1973 Kawasaki Z1. All smiles and pinned to his brother’s shirt by the wind, drooling all over, Deron rode off to the party with his big bro. Neither one remembers the ride home.

Years later at age 10, Deron got his first minnie bike to burn up around the neighborhood. At age 11, he spent the first of his 9 lives taking the minnie bike across a tree that spanned a narrow but 10′ deep river. Again years later at age 17, he bought the first Kawasaki EX 500 which he rode nearly 7 years; including commuting 4 hours from his parent’s house to college and getting shot at in downtown Chicago during the Bulls 3-peat celebrations in 1993.

Various other bikes took Deron on a path to start Novice racing with WMRRA in 2004 – 05, the same years he started working with 2-Fast. Moving to TX in 2006, Deron briefly raced Novice with CMRA in 2006. While in the South, he was fortunate to ride with NESBA at Road Atlanta and Barber Motorsports. Returning to Seattle in 2008, Deron got back together with 2-Fast and looks forward to each event with one of the best track day organizations out there today.