Chris Huynh


Chris1I began this two wheeled journey in 2010. Even though I had long yearned to test the waters in this sport it was delayed for fear that my lovely wife would not approve. However, my fears were unfounded since she graciously allowed me to purchase a used 2007 Suzuki GSXR600. The journey had begun, the more I learned the more I wanted to learn! The biggest step I made in the learning process was by chance when I met this unassuming elderly gent while riding with my friends. He was dressed in weathered leathers with battle worn knee pucks. He passed me a 2-fast business card which read “SteveO” 2-fast instructor and invited me to come out to a 2-fast day and enjoy the fun.

A few weeks later I contacted SteveO about signing up for a track day and he said “Just come on out we’ll take care of you. I had no idea what to expect. The butterflies were fluttering the night before just thinking about this adventure and they were more intense the following morning when I arrived at the track. The first step was getting my bike through tech and registration. “CAKE”! I signed up for the 2-fast school and was assigned to SteveO as my personal instructor for the day. What a grand experience. I learned more in that first day in the 2-fast school than I had learned in a full season on the streets. What a fun and exciting day.chris

I became a regular at the track. SteveO told me on that first day that track days were more addictive than cocaine. I think he was correct. Eventually, I was invited to become a staff member with 2-fast and I feel very honored to have that privilege.

Come join the fun with the 2-Fast Crew. What a wonderful way to enjoy a day of fun while improving your skills!