2Fast SuperPole

2Fast SuperPole is the evolution of bragging about lap times, bench racing, penile measuring, and just about everything else that is full of bravado at a track day.  Brought to you by 2Wheel DynoWorks in Kirkland, WA. who are experts and bike tuning and ECU flashing.  They put up prize money for a 30minute qualifying session at the end of every 2Fast trackday.

The fastest self reported laptime (honor system) wins $100, 2nd receives $50, and 3rd gets $25 . . . and that’s hard cold cash, not some voucher!!!  Whether you have a GPS based laptimer, someone on the wall with a stop watch, or even the on bike / click the lever style of recording, we don’t really care; just honest reporting of your lap time is what we’re looking for here, so we all get to laugh, boast, giggle, and have loads of fun doing our best to rip off some good laps.

It allows the fastest riders to hold a little something in reserve, respecting the other customers during the rest of the day, thus giving them that last 30 minute session of the day to really go rip and see how they measure up against the other riders.  Its so exhilerating and now has cash payouts from Pirelli and Michelin, contingency certificates from Dunlop and Bridgestone, not to mention valuable vouchers from 2Fast TrackDays and KYT Helmets!!  Now, you truly can WIN A TRACKDAY!  LOL 

If you think you have what it takes, then come enjoy your success with our Cook’s Champagne Podium Celebration ceremony where the victors pop the bottles of our very own Premium SuperPole Reserve bottles of Cook’s finest, spraying them in jubilation over your competitors and trackday groupies!  Don’t miss it and come join us for this fun-filled, end of day session and see how you stack up against some of 2Fast’s world class trackday riders!!

We use the following points structure to calculate points, awarding points down to 15th place.  1st – 25pts, 2nd – 20pts, 3rd – 16pts, 4th – 13pts, 5th – 11pts, 6th – 10pts, 7th – 9pts, 8th – 8pts, 9th – 7pts, 10th – 6pts, 11th – 5pts, 12th – 4pts, 13th – 3pts, 14th – 2pts, & 15th – 1pt.

2023 2Fast SuperPole Standings brought to you by 2Wheel DynoWorks

as of 9/1/23
PositionRiderTotal PointsWinsPodiumsSP’s Entered
1Galen Cook215799
2Marcel Irnie140366
3Sage Wilkinson1260410
4Adam Robarts100444
5Andy DiBrino91344
6Jon Amack86035
7John Gessner80036
8Steven Campbell78035
9Chris Kobernik76026
10Garrett Visser71035
11Dave Nichols70035
12Jacob Monson61124
13Logan Oster54123
14Jayson Uribe50222
15Joe Pittman51014
16Jayson Uribe50222
17Joel Ohman49023
18Kirk Hoeppner46014
19Ken LaLonde45122
20Mallory Dobbs43013
21Ivan Lee42023
22Reid Edwards41004
23Spero Benias31012
24Gavin Sodderholm28014
25John Bartlett28004
26Tim Lombardo26012
27Edwin Davis24012
28Abraham Balderas24003
29Scott Gross24003
30Dave Cook23002
31Justin Kincy22002
32Kevin Nanthrup22002
33Dawson Hart20011
34Ty George20011
35Volga Mermut20011
36Jay Braillard20002
37Matt Higgins20002
38Amir Bowman18002
39Kevin McPhetridge18002
40Nate Phipps18002
41Ben Dangerzone17002
42Rossi Moore17002
43Randy Tripp17003
44Conan Dooley16002
45Keith Stone15002
46Karl Rodgers15003
47Jeremy Banner15003
48Damon Schafer14002
49Brett Hlvaka11001
50Chase Glidden11001
51Matt White11001
52Morgan Parker11001
53Trevor Stellrecht11002
54Doug Harvey11002
55Chris Zender10001
56Hannah Johnson10001
57Kinzor Naylor10001
58Matthew Widgers10001
59Steven Qin10001
60Todd Burwell10001
61Will Witmarsh10001
62Garrick Fulbright9001
63Mark Price9001
64Nathan Aldrich9001
65Troy Wattly9001
66Brian Naylor8001
67Emmerson Lau8001
68Zach DelNero8001
69Brandon Bray7001
70Nate Abell7001
71Josh Champion7002
72Jeff McNally6001
73Steve Laurin6001
74Troy Vandecar6001
75John Vinto5001
76Kyle Nesbitt5001
77CJ Hobbs4001
78Mark Silvester3001
79Tim Johnson3001
80Jon Hudak2001
81John Bunch1001
82Nico Palmer0001