Trackday vs. School

How do I know whether to sign up for the $239-$299 pre-registered “track day” or to add the $150 add on “instructional school?” What’s the difference between the two?

2Fast Track Days & Instruction is not your average track day proprietor. We’re an instructional school, not just a track day company. Most track day operators offer riders the ability to venture out onto the track, but provide little to no instruction for those riders. We do the opposite: we give riders lots of instruction, and the track happens to be our classroom.

For those who are less experienced, have never been on a track, have never had instruction, and/or want to learn performance-oriented motorcycle riding skills, we strongly encourage you to add our $150 instructional course. For a complete breakdown of our classroom curriculum, click here. Students of our add on $150 instructional course will receive the same amount of track time as all other track day participants (20 minutes of each hour); however, during the 40 minutes of time in between sessions, we spend time with our instructional school students in a classroom environment. Underneath a 20′ x 30′ tent with chairs to sit in, we hold classroom sessions for 40 minutes of each hour – complete with drawings and chalkboard presentations – for all of our students who paid the premium fee for the school. By the end of the day, instructional course students have received comprehensive academic instruction on how to ride their motorcycles more safely, more intelligently, more smoothly, and with greater confidence.

Even for those of you who have been riding for years, have been to multiple trackdays, and consider yourselves experienced, fast riders – you’ll be amazed by what 2Fast and our instructors can teach you. Take our course and find out just how much you don’t know. Seriously. Think you’re fast? Our instructors would be happy to show you just how slow you are and where you can improve!

For those who do not feel they would benefit from our instructional course teachings, the option exists to simply participate in our trackdays without the additional in-classroom benefits of the above performance school offering. The participants who choose this option pay only $199 if they pre-register, but do not benefit from our in-classroom teachings between on-track sessions. Students who pay the extra money for the school, will each wear a blue performance school vest, so the instructors and staff can designate students from non-students; therefore, 2Fast registrants who think they can get the same benefits of instruction while paying the track day fee non-student price tag should think twice. Not so.

Is 2Fast a race-oriented school? Do I need to be considered a fast and experienced rider in order to participate in a track day?

No, we’re a competence school for the average rider (licensed, has experience riding on streets and is not brand new to motorcycle riding) who wants to improve his/her skills – most of whom have no interest in racing. Unlike race schools across the country, our goal is not to teach riders how to shave a second or two off of their lap times:instead, we teach riders of varying skill levels how to ride smoother, smarter, safer, and ultimately faster. The skills learned in our class sessions are practiced in the controlled environment of a race track, though our schools have little to do with racing.

Do we require that a person has at least some street riding experience?

Yes. If you are brand new to riding and are just getting familiar with the controls and operation of a motorcycle, we’d suggest you get some more experience under your belt before signing up for one of our schools or trackdays.

Are 2Fast Track Days & Schools only for sportbike riders?

No! While sportbike and sport touring bikes certainly make up the majority of rides at our events, we encourage riders (men and women both) of all experience levels on other kinds of bikes to consider our schools and track days. Whether you are on a Harley, Goldwing, a dual sport, a race bike, or touring bike… we welcome you to our events. If you have concerns about whether or not your bike can be put on the track, simply contact us by email; however, minibikes and small displacement machines are not acceptable bikes to ride at our events.

How many riders will there be in each 20 minute session?

2Fast attempts to limit each of its 3 twenty minute sessions (Relaxed Level 100, Intermediate 200, and Expert Level 300) to approximately 35 guests. In fact, after 35 people have registered and paid for participation in a particular level – we close down that session to any further registrations. For those who have ridden track day events, you will likely agree with us that 35 people on the track is a comfortable amount of riders to have on a 2.25 mile circuit like Pacific Raceways, 2.47 mile track as The Ridge Motorsports Park, 1.95 mile track at Portland International Raceway, or 2.05 mile Oregon Raceway Park circuit.

How many students do you normally have in your class at each event?

We typically average around 5-10 students at our schools.  When we first started in 2004, we would typcially have 25-30 students.  Since the housing market crash in 2007, that number is consistently less than 10 now.  So better attention to you by our instructors.

How many instructors are there for the students to work with?

We try to have roughly 5-10 individual instructors on hand at each event, each instructor working with paid, classroom students only. If you do the math on 5-10 students spread amongst 10 different instructors, that’s a ratio of approximately 1 to 2 students per instructor… which is excellent. Other schools have instructor ratios as high as 10 students to 1 instructor.

If you’re signing up for our performance school, plan on receiving plenty of hands on instruction. We do our best to make sure you get time with instructors.

How will you know who the students are that paid the school price vs. those who only paid for just the track day? Can’t I just pay the standard rate and go to the class sessions too?

Our students paying the additonal cost for the school will each receive a blue lycra vest with the 2Fast logo and Performance School on them. This will designate who is a student and who is not. These are not for you to take home and are expected to be returned to the registration desk at the end of the day. The seats underneath our classroom tent are reserved only for paid registrants of our school.

I’ve always wanted to check out a track day, but I’ve never done one. How do I know that my experience will be a positive one?

2Fast aims to make every school and track day an enjoyable, unintimidating experience for every participant… despite the fact that one’s first track day can be a bit of heart-pounding experience. We know what it’s like to be at the track for the first time, and to the extent that our staff can be helpful, friendly, and accommodating as you give trackdays a try, we do our best. Yet our goal, whether you’re a first timer or a person with lots of track time under your belt, is to have each rider walk away from our events thinking “wow, 2Fast does a first class job. I had a great time, the people were professional, timely, organized, and friendly… and I learned a ton. The money I spent to participate in the school (or track day) was worth it.”

Additionally, 2Fast does all we can to minimize the dangers inherent in a track day event and school where high speeds and obvious risks are present. Can we eliminate all risks? No. Do we catch every rider that makes an unsafe pass that was just a bit too close for comfort? Can we protect you from a rider that goes down in front of you, causing you to go down as well? Can we slow down every rider on the track riding over their head? No. Some of these risks are an inherent part of track day, high speed riding – and 2Fast cannot control the riding and decisions of each rider on the track. Yet as an organization, we do all that we can to eliminate or minimize the various risks we can control, that are within our power, and that we can respond to in time.

Am I going to be doing any racing or competing on a 2Fast track day or school?

No. There is no competition of any kind during our track days and schools. All riders and participants are asked to ride at their own pace, and focus on having fun. No one will be asked to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing, and you will not be judged against your peers in terms of speed, lap times, etc. Each rider will be able to participate at their own comfort levels without pressure to go faster than they would like.

How do I know I won’t experience a crash or an accident while on the track riding?

Riding motorcycles is risky. Period. If you don’t know this, then we’d suggest you stay off of motorcycles. Whether you are on the public streets or on the track, there is a certain amount of risk that simply comes with motorcycling the minute you get on a bike and turn the key.

In addition, riding on a track has risks that are different from riding on the street. While there are no cars to compete with, there are other riders on the track with you, the speeds are much, much higher, and it’s a charged environment. The risks are there, no doubt, and 2Fast does not guarantee your absolute safety on or off the track during one of our schools or track days. However, we do everything we can to minimize the risks of an accident or injury.