Technical Questions

Do I need to wear leathers? One piece or two-piece? What does 2Fast require for gear at their schools & trackdays?

We require a one or two piece suit with protective armor only; while we highly recommend such suits be leather, we do not require that only leather suits be worn. Non-leather suits such as Joe Rocket or Aerostitch brand riding suits are acceptable. Additionally, 2Fast prefers that your 2-piece suit, no matter what it is made of, zips the pant and jacket together; however, we do not require that the pant and jacket zip together. Jeans or non-motorcycle wear (ie. motocross) are not allowed. To be very clear, your gear – whether leather or not – must have protective armor in the elbows, shoulders, and knees at a minimum.

We also require a DOT approved motorcycle helmet in good condition, leather boots that are over the ankle, and leather riding gloves.

Riders participate at their own risk, and the choice of what you choose to wear or not wear is your own. No matter what you choose to wear, and whether it zips or doesn’t, let it be known that 2Fast is a proponent of wearing the safest, most protective gear available. For this reason, we believe that every rider on the track and on public streets should be wearing full leather protective gear head to toe, and if the protective wear is a 2-piece suit, then it should zip together.

Motorcycle riding is a dangerous sport: dress accordingly. Don’t cut corners on gear.

What do I need to do to my bike in preparation for a 2Fast track day?

Make sure your bike runs well, is clean of debris, and is 100% free of oil leaks. Check your tires for tread wear and condition (75% tread life remaining or better). Tape over the glass/plastic on your lights and turn signals, as well as the glass on your mirrors. Either disable or tape over your rear brake light completely; we don’t want to be able to see it working on the track, as it can be distracting. Be sure your throttle returns to a closed position quickly (snaps back) when rolled open and then released. Any bikes with throttles that do not return quickly or are “sticky” will not be allowed on the track. Also check your tire pressures, your brakes, and be sure to have a full tank of gas in the bike along with a full gas can or two to use during the day. Check oil levels, brake levers and pads, throttle cables and operation, etc. No safety wiring or coolant change required!

How do I know if my tires will pass inspection and be suitable for the track?

First, do you have 75% or better tread left on both front and rear? This is the first test, and if you are in doubt, get new tires. The track will wear down tires many times quicker than a street ride will, so have tires with plenty of life in them. Second, what’s the age on the tires? If your bike hasn’t been ridden in a year, for instance, and the tires feel hard as a rock, get new tires. Bottom line is this: don’t go cheap on tires. They’re the difference between good traction and bad, which can be the difference between a fun day… or a day with a crash.

Will there be tires available for sale at the track, and/or a tire changing service?

Yes. Tires and tire changing service is available through our track day vendors. Barry Wressell of KFG Racing provides Dunlop tires and also provides suspension services.  Tom Young of Competition Motorsports provides Pirelli tires and also has various supplies for track day riders.  Both are in attendance at each of our events offering tires for sale – as well as many parts and accessories. If you’d like to make arrangements with either Barry or Tom, please contact either one using our trackside page.

I ride a sportbike and I have sportbike tires. What tire pressures do you recommend for the track?

For riders using a performance/sport/track day tire, we suggest around 31-33psi in the front, and roughly 30-32psi in the rear. We would suggest a pound or two more in the front tire. HOWEVER, each tire manufacturer has different pressure requirements and recommendations in order to make a particular tire perform at its best. Now add weather/temperature variances: hot days vs. cold. Thus, our best suggestion is to talk to one of our trackside tire vendors upon your arrival and get their thoughts on tire pressures for your tire brand and model, and the weather on that day.

Must I tape my lights and turn signals? Mirrors?

Not necessarily.  We require that your front headlight, tail light, and mirrors be inoperable or non-functioning for our event.  Whether you disable your head and tail light via pulling the plug, removing a fuse, or taping them over, its up to you.  We don’t want the light being emitted from them and thats our reason.  In days of old, when lights were made from glass that could cause damage to riders or tires if broken out on the track, taping them prevented the shards from finding the track.  With everything being composite plastic now a days, this is not necessary.  In regards to the mirrors, you can tape or remove them.  We want to remove your ability to look behind you and essentially take them away from you, so thats why taping or removing them are both permitted with 2Fast.