General Questions

What do you recommend I bring with me to a 2Fast school or track day?

Bring a full can or two of fuel, an air pressure gauge, your toolbox, all protective gear (cowhide or kangaroo leather one-piece suit strongly encouraged), helmet, gloves, boots that cover the ankle, water, snacks, duct tape, and anything else you care to bring along. Attitudes and egos you can leave at home.

I don’t have a trailer, so I’m just going to ride my motorcycle to the track on the day of your event. That means I can’t bring a can of gas as you’ve suggested. What do I do for fuel?

Buy gas between sessions at the gas stations outside of Pacific Raceways. There are several in Covington, which is the next exit (heading East) off of Highway 18 past the Pacific Raceways exit, and is just minutes from the track.

Does Pacific Raceways sell fuel at the track vs. riding my bike to a gas station in between sessions?

Pacific Raceways has self serve, very expensive race fuel available only, and the pumps are supposed to be open… but sometimes they aren’t.

The only form of payment accepted at the pumps is by credit card, so be sure to bring your plastic. No cash will be accepted for fuel purchases.

What if it rains? Should I still come out?

2Fast schools and track days operate rain or shine, and we don’t mind if it rains one bit. You shouldn’t mind either, if learning how to ride better is your goal. Students and track day riders who have ridden with us on rain days tell us the same thing time and time again: they learned so much more than they thought they would! Why? Rain teaches smoothness: riders tend to slow down and focus more on their technique and fundamentals than speed.

Trust us: if it rains, a wet track can help you improve your riding, and with good tires you’d be amazed how much traction there is.

Will you stop the track day sessions for a lunch break?

No. The reason is simple: people have told us they want track time, not lunch time. You’re paying for track time and instruction and we want to make sure you get it. Everyone has an opportunity to eat and drink between sessions: thus, we believe that our guests deserve as much track time as possible, and breaks for lunch or snacks can take place in between sessions.

Do you serve food at your events?

Yes, for years we serve our complimentary “World Famous” 2Fast Hot Dogs, along with bottled water for all of our paying guests. Any more, we have transitioned from the Hot Dogs to our Speedburgers and potato salad; a hamburger will all the fixins grilled right there in our pits for you with a side of potato salad or other side.  You are also encouraged to bring you own food and drink if you would prefer to, as you should be hydrating throughout the day. Drink lots of water, and be sure to fuel with snacks and food both in the morning and afternoon.

Will you have a photographer at your events so that action shots can be purchased?

Yes. We have Joe Salas from taking shots of all guests in multiple corners throughout the day. You can purchase photos trackside and he will also post all of the photos on his website for your viewing & purchasing pleasure. Jason takes some amazing shots and shoots with a top of the line digital camera and telephoto lens.

To reach Joe about purchasing photos, please visit his website at

Will you have leather suit rentals available?

Unfortunately, we do not have leather rentals available at this time.

What is your refund policy?

You may cancel for any reason, however we DO NOT offer refunds.  We are happy to offer a credit to you up to 5 days prior to the event.  If you cancel after 5 days prior to the event, we are unable to offer a refund.

To cancel and request a credit from 2Fast, please contact customer support by email here or contact us by phone at (425) 877-8776.

I need to have one of your 2Fast baseball-style caps I see others wearing. I also want a T-shirt. Will you have these items available at the track?

Yes! See the folks in registration at the event and they’ll help you purchase 2Fast garb… Check our shopping cart here as we anticipate getting our swag up on our website for sale too: 2Fast Gear available online.

Will I be required to sign a waiver of release in order to participate in a 2Fast track day event or instructional school?

Yes. No exceptions. To view a copy of our liability waiver and release, please email us and we’ll be happy to email to you.